LONDË aims to create a refuge for the modern woman who tries to define her femininity, her personal style, in a way which reflects everything that inspires and surrounds her, all embedded in the fabric.  Therefore, we have worked to create timeless pieces, deconstructed volumes, shapes and ideas inspired by the past, art and nature, pieces with a special place in your wardrobe.
LONDË searches for solutions that are not meant to change a woman’s grace, but rather, embrace it in embossed form, in garment and in style.
Londë design
Ludusan Stefana, the creative director behind LONDË, found herself searching for delicate features, an allure, and a nobler attitude toward the woman’s silhouette.  We often see something in nature, in art, in history, or from the world around us which catches our attention and we find ourselves mesmerized by a texture, shape, colour or look.  LONDË experiments with ways to use and to encapsulate these elements, starting with the designer’s creative thinking, and finishing with quality pieces infused with care and passion.
LONDË is dedicated to all women who want to be different, to feel powerful in the way they look, and who want to create their style with simple, yet defined garments which respect feminine norms that have existed since the beginning of time.  While these norms are less rigorous today, they still manage to be relevant, always returning to the beauty of the womanly silhouette, special in its own, unique way.
Londë dress style