noun: floret; plural noun: florets
1. one of the small flowers making up a composite flower head.

“Name the flowers and wear them” is a concept that the designer of Londë took and approached it in her own creative way meaning that the focus was not necessary on the expected flower prints but on their color and shapes encapsulated in a selection of fashion pieces carefully curated for the modern women who want to wear something that makes her feel frail yet powerful and charming at the same time.

Being a collection that evolves from warm weather way into late autumn, Floret Collection focuses on structured garments in toned colors that represent late-blooming flowers.

The meaning of the collection can be found in two of the garments, a blouse and an asymmetrical skirt made out of a printed fabric that depicts small flowers in a muted shade of green with grey reflections, an unexpected color for the delicate flowers.

The focus here is on the softness given by the velvet fabric and the garment designed to capture a defined waist and shoulders.

The Floret Collection follows a clean line, straight cuts, different types of volumes and silhouettes in tops, dresses, trousers, skirts, and shirts.
Each piece is named after the flower that it embodies through color, print or shape.