Going back to basics doesn’t always have to mean wearing too simple or too elaborate clothes. It means wearing practical pieces that highlight the silhouette and create comfort.
Londë is represented by pieces with a classic cut embellished with few details or patterns applied on the surface of the fabric. Textures and colours play a crucial role in the movement of the fabric or the feel and mood it creates being worn.
We are happy when the women who wear Londë understands our vision and embrace it, creating their unique mark with our pieces and their attitude.
Eleonora Aricó wearing Londë garments

One example in that matter is our lovely Eleonora Aricó captured gracefully wearing our neckline detailed blouse and one of our striped asymmetrical midi skirts. These two pieces complement her personal style without hiding her feminine silhouette.

The textured blouse in light creamy colour accentuates the neckline and becomes almost like a “second skin” bringing all the womanly features upfront and enhancing their natural beauty. The asymmetrical skirt created from a deep blue, almost oyster sheen fabric, makes the silhouette appear longer and  it creates a beautiful, well defined waist.